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Real Estate & Business Loans Are No Longer a Necessity for Many Entities

a) New Business Start-Ups can start-out without debt. b) Real Estate Purchases need not carry a debt service.
c) Finance sub-divisions, any size, anywhere in the world. d) Increase cash-flow by eliminating existing debt carry.
e) Amass a financial War-Chest for your future needs.
f)  After passing Regulatory Review you will have access to Unique Financing, and Investments.
g) Successful Entities throughout the world have utilized these procedures, for decades.  We
are bringing them into full view for your utilization.
h) No upfront fees are required. Just a True Commitment to move forward in a very transparent fashion.

Positive cash flow tools will help guarantee to offset any losses, including those that normally occur during the life cycles of most businesses.

SBLC a.k.a. Bank Guarantee (BG)

To Be Successful, You Have to Look at Alternative Sources for Funding.  Banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and hard money lenders cannot assist you with your goals the way they once did.  Most entities are not aware of bank instruments like Bank Guarantees (BG’s) and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC’s).  However, most do know that it has been harder to finance their projects.   And, with the prediction of higher interest rates, the transactions you can get done will cost more.   Please note; high FICO credit scores are not mandatory for bank instruments.

A Bank’s Instrument provides many different choices to those that are interested in non-recourse collateral, recourse collateral, or credit enhancement.  We can effectively arrange the use of the proper financial instrument(s) based on our relationships with European, International, and major North American banks.

Bank instrument s are debt instruments created by large banks and institutions which have high-interest rates and strong value to the holder. The more common bank instruments are Bank Guarantees  (BG’s),  Standby Letters of  Credit  (SBLC),  and  Medium-Term  Notes (MTN’s), and they are issued by European banks mostly.

A noteworthy financial event took place in 1913 in the USA.  President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the Federal Reserve Act, which formulated the cartel that is now in charge of orchestrating money.  The absolute power that the Federal Reserve System has over the economy and individuals is immense.

Very few people know how money is created, and even fewer know how the Federal Reserve System was created
and what it does.    A very famous media guru, philosopher and communication theorist named Marshall McLuhan said, “Only the small secrets of the Federal Reserve System need to be protected.   The big ones are kept secret by public disbelief.”

Later after WW II, the British suggested leveraging on the Marshall Plan's aid in Asia as well as Europe, to institutionalize programs where money could be created for humanitarian as well as commercially approved projects.

While commercial projects with vocational aspects get funded, as well as humanitarian projects, the money spent here coming in the system opens the route for the European Central Bank (ECB) and the FED to print new Euros as well as new Dollars without inflation hitting these currencies.

A clear mark was set as to which of these programs were to be classified, as well as to be executed under all the regulatory supervising financial authorities; FED/ECB/IMF/WORLD BANK  ARE ACTING AS REGULATORY AUTHORITIES.

If an SBLC, BG, and MTNs are Such Good Investments, Why Have
YOU Not Heard About Them?

The internal trading of bank debentures is a privileged and highly lucrative profit source for participating banks, and as a result, these opportunities are not made known to the public (bank customer).  It would be difficult, at best, to entice clients to purchase CDs yielding 2.5% to 5%, if they were aware that other, equally secure investments yielding more than 10 (ten) times higher rates of return were available.

The U.S. Federal Reserve is a very important member, but unlike most other central banks, operates independently of the I.C.C., and as a result, the clear majority of U.S. citizens have not been made aware of the money-making opportunities already available for nearly 50 (fifty) years to qualified European Investors through I.C.C. affiliated banks.

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1. Investor purchases an SBLC for 50% of FV, inclusive of commissions.  Term: 1 year and a day.    Minimum transaction: $5 Million Dollars (secures a $10 Million Dollar SBLC).  Using the discounted SBLC as collateral the investor has his own bank monetize the SBLC at a Loan to Value (LTV) of up to 80% (could go higher, depending on the investor’s relationship with his banker).  Since it is a full cash backed bank instrument, the investor can pay back the loan monies or allow the bank to cash the SBLC at the end of the term, without penalty.

2. Investor purchases an SBLC for 50% of FV, inclusive of commissions.  Term: 1 year and a day.    Minimum transaction: $5 Million Dollars (secures a $10 Million Dollar SBLC).   Using the discounted SBLC as collateral, our Program Manager has the SBLC monetized with a non-recourse loan and Guarantees the investor a Gross 10%
 return on the investor’s $5 Million Dollars; 5% Net to investor  5 %  to  O E N.

The above procedure can be executed 2 (two) to 3 (three) times a month, indefinitely,
*compounded if so desired, after the investor’s bank and the monetizer’s bank learn to
work with each other. (Typically, within 30 to 45 days)

*Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.  He who understands it earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays for it.  Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe (as quoted by Mr. Albert Einstein).

        Minimum Investment $5 Million Dollars;
        No Maximum;
        Investor's funds remain in the investor's bank account;
        *Compounding is an option;
        Minimum 6 (six) month commitment.
        Yearly review.

        The issuer of Insurance Wrap: Lloyds of London
        Minimum insured value of the asset: $500 Million Dollars
        Cost of Insurance Wrap: 2% of Insured Value

Hard Assets are investments with intrinsic value such as oil, natural gas, gold, silver, gold and silver mines, farmland, natural colored diamonds, precious stones, commercial real estate, commodities, coin collections, art, and antiquities.

Transaction Example: $500 Million Dollar insurance wrap: $500 Million Dollars x 2% = $10
Million Dollars.   The insurance wrap can be paid via cash or credit line directly to Lloyds of London.  IF the hard asset owner does not have $10 Million Dollars, SBLC bank instruments, a minimum investment of $5 Million Dollars, can be bought and sold until the profits of the $10
Million Dollar cost is reached.

5. Investor secures a MEDIUM-TERM NOTE (MTN) BUY/SELL Contract.  The contract is between the investor and the title holder of the MTN instruments.   The titleholder arranges for the Buy/Sell Agreement wherein the investor buys and then immediately sells the MTN in its own name.  Typical Gross Profits run up to 20% of face value on each Buy/Sell.  An investment of between $150 and $250 Million Dollars is normally required to secure a $50 Billion Dollar Buy/Sell Contract.

Our Program Manager works with Title Holders that are providing investors with a startup Buy/Sell Contract for $50 Million Dollars, as opposed to $150 to $250 Million Dollars, to help OPERATION EAGLES NEST with its funding goals of $12 Billion Dollars.

OPERATION EAGLES NEST’s Program Manager is accountable for leading the successful delivery of a program or project.  Our Program Manager serves as a strategic partner to all investors, effectively coordinating communications while managing expectations, project scope, methodology and approach, timelines, and resources.

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All Procedures, Percentages, and Costs are based on Best Effort Estimates

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