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About Us
   Remain In Control is a company that is focused on individuals and small business owners. We are in the Real Estate business but with a strong emphasis on Business Structure for the present and the future.  Bring us your problem and watch how we amaze you with viable and very influential solutions. We cater to you the individual and the small business owner so that you can achieve real success with very minimized liability and hardly any risk.  

We currently Help Manage & Structure Real Estate projects in the US. We can handle all residential and or commercial projects.  Investor opportunities are our specialty.  We also work with Groups who are in need of financing and or funding for projects and or products. 

Project or Business Funding needs?

Due to our valuable resources, we may also be able to help with your Funding needs.

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Remain In Control LLC are business consultants. We are not lenders, securities brokers, finance company, financial advisor. We solely consultant on the best avenue for your business and connect you with the appropriate entity for a success fee. (Certain requests that require our assistance in structure and or package formats we may at time to time charge an appropriate service fee for work done) Normally there are No Upfront Fees requested. The transaction(s) of our clients are strictly private and does not relate to the United States Securities act of 1933 (THE”ACT”) or related regulations and does not involve the sale of registered securities.