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Change in Procedure - 5% Proof of Liquid Funds Now Required at Submission for Up-To-100% Worldwide Debt Financing via the Sinking Fund

Effective Immediately: Clients will now need to provide verifiable proof of funds (POF) for 5% (five percent) of the loan amount in liquid cash.

For example, on a $20M USD loan (which is the minimum amount for the sinking fund), the minimum POF will be $1M USD.

The amount that will be required to pay into escrow remains estimated at being between 2%-5% of the loan amount. This will be determined by the lender and underwriters, and the client is notified when terms are issued.

We arrange up-to-100% financing for Worldwide Commercial Funding via The Sinking Fund Structured Debt Program - for all industries, and all locations (EXCEPT projects located in the USA, and films/movies), $20 Million USD to $20 Billion USD.  

A client MUST have 2%-5% of their own funds in liquid cash, and be able to provide proof of funds for at least 2% of the loan amount in liquid cash at submission. BROKERS WELCOME.  

NOTE:  If your project is in the USA, and/or doesn't qualify for the Sinking Fund, see the P.S. at the end of this message for information about the other loan programs we offer.

**We have a NEW, Easier and Quicker submission process so you find out if the lender is interested in your project BEFORE you fill out forms!  Most clients get an answer within 10 business days as to the next steps.**

To Apply Email Info@remainincontrol.com and provide the following:

1.  Project Name
2.  The country where Project is located (Projects in the USA do NOT Qualify) - We have another source for those!
3.  Industry 
4.  Brief, 1-2 sentence description of the Project- Summary
5.   Amount Needed - $20 Million USD - $20 Billion USD- A corporate letterhead with the request of funds needed

You MUST include Proof of funds for at least 2% of the loan amount  - POF must be in the form of a recent letter (within 7 days) from the financial institution holding these liquid funds and must include this information: 
    a)  Name of the account holder (this must be one of the borrowers and/or a major shareholder in the borrowing company.  Funds cannot be from a third-party or a loan)
    b)  Contact information including phone number and official bank email address of the bank officer - note: this POF will be verified with the bank prior to setting up a conference call
     c)  The amount available in the account (in USD or local currency)
    d)  A statement that the funds are
liquid, and free and clear of liens and encumbrances (in other words, the money is freely able to be used by the client)
    e)  A statement that the bank is able to wire money to a US bank at the client's request (confirming there are no issues exporting money from that country to the US escrow account, later in the process)
No other proof of funds (i.e. screenshots or bank statements) is acceptable.  

See below for why proof of funds is required.  

I'll then contact you to arrange a phone call to go over the program and answer any questions you have, prior to submitting the loan request to the lender. 

Once submitted, you'll usually hear within 5-10 business days if the lender is interested in reviewing the project for funding, and you'll be sent additional forms to fill out. 

More Information about our Loan Program: 

Our primary LENDER has 40 years experience providing Senior Debt Financing and has closed over $134 Billion in worldwide projects in the last 10 years.  They are interested in: 
-   Worldwide Business Ventures, Startups, and Commercial Real Estate Transactions 
              (EXCEPT Projects located in the US, and films/movies)

-  Up to 100% Financing
-  The borrower only repays 45%-55% of the loan amount over 10 years - That's like getting half of the loan for F R E E!
- $20 Million USD to $20 Billion USD
- The client must have their own Liquidity of at least 2%-5%, of the project and must provide proof of funds for at least 2% liquid cash at submission.  

Please provide a bank statement dated within the last 30 days (account number can be blacked out), or a letter from your bank dated within the last 7 days.  Screenshots are not acceptable. 
- The exact amount of liquidity needed will be determined by the lender after they review the project and express interest. 

-  These liquid funds will be used to make a payment into third-party Escrow, with a top securities firm, usually in the US (like Deutsche Bank), after you have received - and accepted - the loan terms, have been able to do your due diligence on the lender, the escrow agreement, and the escrow agent, and prior to funding.
- Prior to any payment or decision, you will be directly connected to the lender, which means you can perform due diligence on the lender prior to making any decisions or payments

- The Escrow payment is ONLY released to the lender AFTER client has received the loan funds in their bank.  

- 100% Refund Guarantee - If you don't get your funding, the funds will not be released from Escrow to the Lender and will be returned from the Escrow Agent to the Client, in full
-  Fees and costs can usually be added into the loan amount, with the escrow payment refunded to the client at funding.
- Fast Funding - Funding usually occurs 15-30 days after funds are paid into escrow (30-60 days after initial submission, depending upon the complexity of project and responsiveness of borrower)
- Very competitive rates under the Sinking Fund Debt Financing Program
          - 4.5%-5.5% interest annually
          - 10 years, interest-only loans
          - No profit sharing/equity stake - you keep full control and ownership of your project and company
          - No repayment of the principal!  The Principal is paid back via the sinking fund structure, and the client is only responsible for the interest payments.  

For example, on a $100 million USD loan, the borrower would ONLY pay $45-$55 Million USD in interest-only payments over 10 years! 

We pay referral fees and love working with brokers.
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   Remain In Control is a company that is focused on individuals and small business owners. We are in the Real Estate business but with a strong emphasis on Business Structure for the present and the future.  Bring us your problem and watch how we amaze you with viable and very influential solutions. We cater to you the individual and the small business owner so that you can achieve real success with very minimized liability and hardly any risk.  

We currently Help Manage & Structure Real Estate projects in the US. We can handle all residential and or commercial projects.  Investor opportunities are our specialty.  We also work with Groups who are in need of financing and or funding for projects and or products. 

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Remain In Control LLC are business consultants. We are not lenders, securities brokers, finance company, financial advisor. We solely consultant on the best avenue for your business and connect you with the appropriate entity for a success fee. (Certain requests that require our assistance in structure and or package formats we may at time to time charge an appropriate service fee for work done) Normally there are No Upfront Fees requested. The transaction(s) of our clients are strictly private and does not relate to the United States Securities act of 1933 (THE”ACT”) or related regulations and does not involve the sale of registered securities.